Clinics with Ralph Hill

Consider organizing a clinic in your area with Ralph Hill! Ralph is available for multi-day clinics anywhere in the world.


Go to the Schedule page to see what dates and locations are already booked. 


Clinic rate: $2,500 for 2-day clinic plus travel and expenses. 

  • Please know that the clinic organizer is responsible for all of Ralph's transportation costs (e.g. flights, travel time to and from airports outside of Gainesville, parking fees outside of Gainesville, and rental cars), housing costs (including but not limited to hotel room before, during and after the clinic) and all meals from the time Ralph leaves Gainesville until he returns. These expenses are in addition to the clinic fee. 

Ralph offers 2-day clinics with the following guidelines:


  • Maximum of 16 riders per day. Organize riders into compatible groups of either 2 riders for 1 hour or 3 riders for 1.5 hours.
  • Maximum of 8 hours of teaching per day, with a 1/2 hour lunch. Same groups both days preferred (vs riders only signing up for 1 day - Ralph works things in logical progression from 1st day to 2nd).
  • Make sure all riders sign liability release forms before your clinic that releases both the clinician and organizers.
  • Send copy of release form to Ralph for his approval. If you need it, request a copy of Ralph's insurance.



  • Most airports in Florida are a few hours away from Ralph’s base in Newberry, except from the preferred airport, Gainesville. Delta and American airlines operate daily flights here and the connections are generally in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Miami.  
  • Direct flights are preferred whenever possible, but Ralph understands that he will have connecting flights most of the time when flying out of Gainesville.
  • If you cannot arrange a flight out of Gainesville, you must contact Ralph first.
  • Other airports: Jacksonville (1 3/4 hrs. away), Tampa (2 1/4 hrs. away), and Orlando (2 1/4 hrs. away).
  • Avoid late return arrivals back in Florida if possible.



  • Connect w/ Ralph the week before the clinic to discuss exercises to be set up, and any specific training issues you may want to addressed.
  • Have jumps set up by Friday evening so Ralph can check it out if possible and tweak if necessary, and get creative with the facility and terrain.
  • Arrange to always have a chair available for Ralph designated for him only to sit on, and a gator/ golf cart/4wheeler for cross country schools.  
  • Encourage riders to sign up for a time to jump crew. They can gain many valuable insights during this time in the ring with Ralph.
  • Please encourage auditors and assistants to write down their questions and ask during breaks, instead of while Ralph is teaching. Ralph likes to spend his time focused in the riders who are paying for his attention.
  • Send riders and Ralph the schedule at least 3-4 days in advance. Email Ralph a list of each day's schedule (riders and times) and any notes about each rider such as prior experiences riding with Ralph and any current issues. Include level of each rider and horse.  



  • You can either rent Ralph a vehicle or provide transportation. If you are transporting him to and from a hotel or residence, be clear about pick-up and drop-off times and be ON TIME.
  • Give Ralph an updated copy of each's day's schedule  (riders and times) and any notes about each rider such as prior experiences riding with Ralph and any current issues. Include level of each rider and horse.
  • Always have jump crew of at least two people ready for each group - especially at the beginning and end of each day, when there are usually fewer spectators/volunteers around.
  • Have one organizer available on the property to oversee the clinic progress and address anything that may come up. This would also be your designated “in case of emergency” person.
  • Have riders ready with their horses at the scheduled time, but allow for some flexibility if a group runs late or early, and keep the riders informed of their ride times. (Don't schedule riders back-to-back if they ride multiple horses).
  • Make sure chair and/or golf cart /4-wheeler are in place and Ralph knows where they are. Have plenty of bottles of water available for the riders and for Ralph. He appreciates access to coffee, and hot or iced tea.
  • Schedule 1/2 hr. lunch break and have lunch ready for him. Make sure he has down time to eat his lunch.



  • Have a designated person ready to transport Ralph back to where he is staying right after last group is done and questions are answered. Please do not make him wait for people to take care of their horses and barn chores and such, or tear down on Sunday evening, etc.
  • He appreciates a comfortable place to sit back and be able to eat and shower and relax, preparing his mind for the next day. Evening potluck at the facility or nearby is OK, or just a private simple dinner at the host residence is great. Ralph's diet consists of mainly meats and vegetables, he does not eat potatoes, rice or breads.
  • Ralph’s preference to be back to his room by 8pm  - especially on Saturday night - so that he is able to prepare for the second day. He is happy to go to dinner with the group, but be conscious of time. 


More guidelines and suggestions are available, and will be sent when you book your clinic.